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Friday, May 19, 2006

Trying Hard or Hardly Trying

Today wasn't that great a day. I repetitively tried to do work on my website, I got a decent amount done on one of my new projects but as far as my Guns N Roses site I kept telling myself I'd add tons of new content today and in addition do a lot of SEO and link building. Problem was when it came down to content I couldn't think of an article to write other than updating the daily news.

I'm starting to wonder if I really know/have enough unique content to justify running that site. Well we'll see, I'm hoping that I'm just not doing my job good enough concerning marketting. It would be scary though if I can't get this site off the ground, Guns N' Roses is my favorite band, if I can't have the second or third biggest site on them and get at least a third of the search traffic maybe I'm in the wrong place.

Either way at least I learned some link building stuff today. I definitely reccomend checking out this online clip. Its rather long, I'm guessing around 45 minutes but I wasn't timing when I watched it, thanks Dan Theis for making the video.



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