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Monday, May 15, 2006


Well my site somehow managed to get a huge jump in visitors, I think a lot of it had to do with Orkut.com. I was checking under visotors stats and had a lot of incoming visitors from that root domain. I checked it out and apparently it was a website for networking with friends that was launched by a google employee in 2004. I tried to get in to see exactly what was driving visitors to me but I needed an invite, so if anyone has one please send me an email. Good day for site visitors, bad day for adsense clicks.

Other than that I'm really trying to launch a few projects soon I just can't bring myself to commit to them and know they are going to be succesful. Thats whats really stopping me. Everyone says your first site is the toughest but I'm shooting project ideas down left and right simply because I find flaws in them, either way, I guess if you push something enough, even if its in a highly competitive market or its even a bad idea it will get some press.

I think I'm going to shoot for a less competitive market right of the bat this time because I think the Guns N Roses market was a little big. I compete with about 19,000,000 other pages for the keyword "Guns N Roses" on google, on MSN im on page two but on google I've had the sandbox effect hardcore, I think a lot of it has to do with my oldest links being anchored with GNR and not Guns N Roses. Well thats that, I continue to work on the site, mainly doing news but also adding articles and more interactive things. It just seems like adsense has really shafted me with keyword payouts, its also tought to know googles made five times what I've made off the program, either way its money in my pocket with barely any fee.

As for now I'm signing off and fighting the urge to play more Age of Empires 2, I know I should be playing three, but my computer needs upgrading and the game costs money and mainly I can't afford to get addicted to something else right now. I'm determind to be successful with adsense, I will be successful with adsense, or else I've just wasted too much time with it.


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