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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smart Pricing Hits

Well, I'm pretty sure now I've been smart priced. I'm getting more clicks then I ever have yet these clicks are only worth 3 or 4 cents. I'm not discouraged by any means though, I found a good adsense setup for my site that works, visitors have been going on steadily, and I'm on the brink of selecting a new project from all of my outlines. Its always so fun starting a new site, after the first one they all go up so quick. Its still hard to drive traffic to them, but I'm constantly learning new methods of approach. Its time to build my adsense project into an empire, everytime I see something discouraging I'm going to try that much harder, we'll see if it adsense can really be used as a money making machine and if I am capable of using it like that.


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