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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Number Crunching

Well today was a heck of a day. I did a lot of work on my ultimate secret project, the only reason I havn't devulged one of my projects is because it is a somewhat unique idea and don't want to to kill the market for it before I unveil it. I'm working on setting a timeline, hopefully the site will be out within a month, all I can say is bloggers should like it.

About the number crunching. I havn't justified a purchase of any nice SEO tools such as "Wordtracker," so when trying to decide what niche to target for a new website I want to start, basically I was looking for a subject I found myself using a combination of many things. Here was my pattern for finding keywords.

1)Use the Overture bid tool to find words with decent bids by advertisers
2)Use the nichebot wordtracker tool to check for competition
3)Check keywords on google/yahoo/msn, analyze top twenty sites
4)Add potential keyword to list of sites to choose from

If ever you get stuck on a step, bids too low, too much competition, no chance at a top ten listing go back to the beggining with a new word. I've been doing this for about an hour and I'm going to continue after this post. Thats pretty much it today, number crunching and php/sql programming.


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