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Monday, May 22, 2006

Get Something Right Once, Just Multiply It

I realized something today, it sounds like a trivial little peice of information yet its extremely powerful and if used at the correct time can make a mountain out of a mole hill. I was sitting around thinking my Guns N Roses site doesn't make enough money what do I have to do to get better adsense earnings. Well the answer is so easy, more of what I've already done. Just add more to my Guns N Roses page and when I don't feel like doing that all I have to do is pick another band that I like and start a page on them. All the sudden its like everything is unfolding and the real logic is starting to stand out.

At first I won't make any adsense monsters but while I was planning on just focusing all my efforts on my Guns N Roses site maybe thats not the right thing to do. I may really find a great group of Led Zeppelin fans that love my outlook on the band. The simple message behind this post is that you only have to get one click with adsense before you realize you've done something right. Then its just a matter of finding out what that was and multiplying it.


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