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Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't Know Why, But Loving Adsense

Well, something nice happened today, I topped 300 uniques to my Guns N Roses site, I'm guessing most of it is in relation to an aggresive requested link building campaign that I just undertook. I don't understand why link requests and trades get so much flack in the world of link building. Most of my links are from directories and other Guns N Roses sites that I would not of been able to acqquire without a request. I think building the links is helping pull visitors and get the buzz going about my site.

I know for the most part its just another Guns N Roses site so what can I offer that makes people want to link without request and what do I do thats different and creates a buzz. Well, at this point I'm kicking myself to think of ideas that will draw visitors to my site. I have enough information to supply to visitors but nothing that makes them say wow, I'm bookmarking this site. On my good days I manage to get about thirty return visitors.

Well I've decided I need to do a few things to get a buzz going and work on my return visitors ratio, along with link building I've thought up some ideas I'm going to implement.

1) Be sure to update news daily! (I need fresh content for visitors)

2) Get a bigger video database, even though I'm just pulling from YouTube.com having all the videos together makes it easy for visitors to pick which one to watch and have them in a convinient layout.

3) Need to reformat all my pictures, make them pretty, and neat looking with style sheets.

4) Interview with other site owners, talk to people who help with the new Guns N Roses, I can start with a guy that I talked to that schedules tours for a previous band member.

5) Be unique and offer more.

My adsense earnings were pretty abismal today but I have to remind myself that it is pretty much free money and passive income. I get so frsustrated sometimes but I know if I leave for a week my earnings won't drop that much. So once again I'm in love with adsense and geared up to get working on my site hardcore style.

I also decided to make a rule, I'm going to start planning out my work so I don't let myself waste too much time doing other things. Time to buckle down and get working for me!


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