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Monday, May 22, 2006

Get Something Right Once, Just Multiply It

I realized something today, it sounds like a trivial little peice of information yet its extremely powerful and if used at the correct time can make a mountain out of a mole hill. I was sitting around thinking my Guns N Roses site doesn't make enough money what do I have to do to get better adsense earnings. Well the answer is so easy, more of what I've already done. Just add more to my Guns N Roses page and when I don't feel like doing that all I have to do is pick another band that I like and start a page on them. All the sudden its like everything is unfolding and the real logic is starting to stand out.

At first I won't make any adsense monsters but while I was planning on just focusing all my efforts on my Guns N Roses site maybe thats not the right thing to do. I may really find a great group of Led Zeppelin fans that love my outlook on the band. The simple message behind this post is that you only have to get one click with adsense before you realize you've done something right. Then its just a matter of finding out what that was and multiplying it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smart Pricing Hits

Well, I'm pretty sure now I've been smart priced. I'm getting more clicks then I ever have yet these clicks are only worth 3 or 4 cents. I'm not discouraged by any means though, I found a good adsense setup for my site that works, visitors have been going on steadily, and I'm on the brink of selecting a new project from all of my outlines. Its always so fun starting a new site, after the first one they all go up so quick. Its still hard to drive traffic to them, but I'm constantly learning new methods of approach. Its time to build my adsense project into an empire, everytime I see something discouraging I'm going to try that much harder, we'll see if it adsense can really be used as a money making machine and if I am capable of using it like that.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Don't Know Why, But Loving Adsense

Well, something nice happened today, I topped 300 uniques to my Guns N Roses site, I'm guessing most of it is in relation to an aggresive requested link building campaign that I just undertook. I don't understand why link requests and trades get so much flack in the world of link building. Most of my links are from directories and other Guns N Roses sites that I would not of been able to acqquire without a request. I think building the links is helping pull visitors and get the buzz going about my site.

I know for the most part its just another Guns N Roses site so what can I offer that makes people want to link without request and what do I do thats different and creates a buzz. Well, at this point I'm kicking myself to think of ideas that will draw visitors to my site. I have enough information to supply to visitors but nothing that makes them say wow, I'm bookmarking this site. On my good days I manage to get about thirty return visitors.

Well I've decided I need to do a few things to get a buzz going and work on my return visitors ratio, along with link building I've thought up some ideas I'm going to implement.

1) Be sure to update news daily! (I need fresh content for visitors)

2) Get a bigger video database, even though I'm just pulling from YouTube.com having all the videos together makes it easy for visitors to pick which one to watch and have them in a convinient layout.

3) Need to reformat all my pictures, make them pretty, and neat looking with style sheets.

4) Interview with other site owners, talk to people who help with the new Guns N Roses, I can start with a guy that I talked to that schedules tours for a previous band member.

5) Be unique and offer more.

My adsense earnings were pretty abismal today but I have to remind myself that it is pretty much free money and passive income. I get so frsustrated sometimes but I know if I leave for a week my earnings won't drop that much. So once again I'm in love with adsense and geared up to get working on my site hardcore style.

I also decided to make a rule, I'm going to start planning out my work so I don't let myself waste too much time doing other things. Time to buckle down and get working for me!

Trying Hard or Hardly Trying

Today wasn't that great a day. I repetitively tried to do work on my website, I got a decent amount done on one of my new projects but as far as my Guns N Roses site I kept telling myself I'd add tons of new content today and in addition do a lot of SEO and link building. Problem was when it came down to content I couldn't think of an article to write other than updating the daily news.

I'm starting to wonder if I really know/have enough unique content to justify running that site. Well we'll see, I'm hoping that I'm just not doing my job good enough concerning marketting. It would be scary though if I can't get this site off the ground, Guns N' Roses is my favorite band, if I can't have the second or third biggest site on them and get at least a third of the search traffic maybe I'm in the wrong place.

Either way at least I learned some link building stuff today. I definitely reccomend checking out this online clip. Its rather long, I'm guessing around 45 minutes but I wasn't timing when I watched it, thanks Dan Theis for making the video.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Number Crunching

Well today was a heck of a day. I did a lot of work on my ultimate secret project, the only reason I havn't devulged one of my projects is because it is a somewhat unique idea and don't want to to kill the market for it before I unveil it. I'm working on setting a timeline, hopefully the site will be out within a month, all I can say is bloggers should like it.

About the number crunching. I havn't justified a purchase of any nice SEO tools such as "Wordtracker," so when trying to decide what niche to target for a new website I want to start, basically I was looking for a subject I found myself using a combination of many things. Here was my pattern for finding keywords.

1)Use the Overture bid tool to find words with decent bids by advertisers
2)Use the nichebot wordtracker tool to check for competition
3)Check keywords on google/yahoo/msn, analyze top twenty sites
4)Add potential keyword to list of sites to choose from

If ever you get stuck on a step, bids too low, too much competition, no chance at a top ten listing go back to the beggining with a new word. I've been doing this for about an hour and I'm going to continue after this post. Thats pretty much it today, number crunching and php/sql programming.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Well my site somehow managed to get a huge jump in visitors, I think a lot of it had to do with Orkut.com. I was checking under visotors stats and had a lot of incoming visitors from that root domain. I checked it out and apparently it was a website for networking with friends that was launched by a google employee in 2004. I tried to get in to see exactly what was driving visitors to me but I needed an invite, so if anyone has one please send me an email. Good day for site visitors, bad day for adsense clicks.

Other than that I'm really trying to launch a few projects soon I just can't bring myself to commit to them and know they are going to be succesful. Thats whats really stopping me. Everyone says your first site is the toughest but I'm shooting project ideas down left and right simply because I find flaws in them, either way, I guess if you push something enough, even if its in a highly competitive market or its even a bad idea it will get some press.

I think I'm going to shoot for a less competitive market right of the bat this time because I think the Guns N Roses market was a little big. I compete with about 19,000,000 other pages for the keyword "Guns N Roses" on google, on MSN im on page two but on google I've had the sandbox effect hardcore, I think a lot of it has to do with my oldest links being anchored with GNR and not Guns N Roses. Well thats that, I continue to work on the site, mainly doing news but also adding articles and more interactive things. It just seems like adsense has really shafted me with keyword payouts, its also tought to know googles made five times what I've made off the program, either way its money in my pocket with barely any fee.

As for now I'm signing off and fighting the urge to play more Age of Empires 2, I know I should be playing three, but my computer needs upgrading and the game costs money and mainly I can't afford to get addicted to something else right now. I'm determind to be successful with adsense, I will be successful with adsense, or else I've just wasted too much time with it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


To whoever is reading this I decided to start this blog to update everyone concerning what I'm currently working on and what my main projects are. Most of the stuff is going to be related to internet marketing and things of that nature but hopefully there will also be a little insight into my life. I don't have perfect grammar so I apologize in advance. In addition, I will probably be typing these entries pretty fast so I can get all the thoughts out of my head before I forget them.

As of now I really only have one successful website. The link is here Guns N Roses. It was the first real website I ever tried to make and its been up since around December 2005. Hopefully in a few years I'll be more successful and perhaps this blog will be a source of inspiration.

I'm currently starting a few new web projects that I'm not going to reveal as they are currently undergoing major construction and a virtually just piles of code and information, but we can get to those later.